Twittering Tales – #46 and #47

Tweaked my words to get the 140 character requirement…  Only to realize I was doing it on last weeks post – So here it is:

The lighting was totally perfect but they would only have one chance, one shot at getting a perfect picture… Places everyone, and Action!….

And this weeks I’m afraid it wasn’t as good as the one I inadvertantly did for last week – LOL.

One by one he organized the marbles. By size, then color, tossing the multi-colored ones. 

“Why do you toss those?”

“They don’t fit in”


Friday Fictioneer for August 25, 2017 – That Special Women

Been a while since I’ve tried my hand at doing a Friday Fictioneers challenge, and I know I’m falling way behind on getting this one in.

Here is our photo prompt – courtesy of Jan Wayne Fields:

The goal being to write a complete story (beginning, middle, end) in 100 words or less.

Warning: sexual inuendo – nothing graphic just inuendo.


Darren put the finishing touches on the picnic table. He wanted this evening to be special, to be perfect. Never before had it been so important to him to have everything just right.

Heck, most women he knew he would of just bedded in some hotel room, or maybe there house, not giving it a second thought. But not Julie. For the first time in his life, Darren knew what true love really meant. He wanted everything for Julie, wanted to give her the world. Wanted her in his life like he had wanted no other.

Thousands of Miles Away – response to “What Pegman Saw”

Molly hugged her knees to her chest as she stared out across the ocean. Clutched in her hand was the latest letter from Brad. Soon he’d be heading. He had written how he was looking forward to seeing her.

Molly hadn’t seen him since the day they had graduated high school. After graduation she had gone off to college. and Brad had joined the military, so she’d heard. It wasn’t till she’d moved back home and ended up running into Brad’s brother that she had ended up getting in touch with him again
She wondered if he at all felt for her the way she did for him. Or, as was usually the case, was it all one-sided.

Thousands of miles away, Brad was preparing to go home. Tucked safely in his pocket was a photograph that Molly had sent. He couldn’t wait to see her, to tell her how he felt.

The above story was inspired by this photograph.  

See more about the challenge at “What Pegman Saw

The following artwork (of my mother’s) also inspired parts of this story.


#100WW – Week 23: Oppressive Air

The street was darker than usual as Rosinda made her way towards the Diner where she worked the night shift.

The lights from the sign flickered off and on as she reached for the door. The air felt odd somehow, oppressive. For a moment she considered leaving.

Giving herself a mental shake, Rosinda opened the door. She then noticed the immaculate, well dressed man sitting at one of the booths watching her as if he was familiar with her. And yet she had never seen him before. Nonetheless, she somehow she felt drawn to him.

“Rosinda, can you get table 11”

The above story was written for 100 Word Wednesday using the below photographImage Credit Jesse Williams

Sunday Photo Fiction – Am Not

Here is my story for the Sunday Photo Fiction Inspired by the following photo:


“Check-Mate”. John replied as he moved his Knight.

“NO FAIR” Jasmine cried, you only won because you got the white pieces.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Jack wanted to know.

“Everyone knows that the clear pieces are Clear-Viewant, so you probably knew what I was going to do before I did it.

“Clairvoyant” Jack interrupted, and that’s silliness. There just stupid objects, nothing special about them.
“Then how did you know what I was going to do each turn?” Jasmine demanded.

“Because I payed attention to what you were doing. Besides, you’re so predictable when ever you play this game.”

“I am not” Jasmine pouted
“Sure you are, You always do the same exact moves every time we play”

“I DO NOT” Jasmine stomped her feet angrily….

“Alright kids, that’s enough.” Shaina yelled over the two squabbling kids. “It looks like the rain has finally let up. Why don’t the two of you head on outside and play for awhile while I make dinner”

“Bet I can beat you in a race,” Jack yelled as he ran outside.

“Can Not” Jasmine hollered back.”
“Can Too”

Shaina sighed as she got out the ingredients for dinner.

The Daughter He’d Never Know – What Pegman Saw writing prompt

Jasmine set the Daisies she had picked carefully down on Robert’s grave. Up ahead, she caught site of an elderly couple slowly walking along the gravesites. Every so often they would stop for a moment to look at one. The elderly women tenderly held the gentleman’s hand – her husband??

Jasmine’s thoughts went back to Robert. They were to be married upon his return to the states. Now that would never happen, nor would he ever get to know his daughter nestled safely in Jasmine’s womb.

A tear trickeld down Jasmine’s cheek. “I Love You” Robert she whispered.

Inspired by this photo from What Pegman Saw and the related Google – Street View

FFfAW response – These Past Years

My response to this week’s FFfAW Challenge:

Inspired by this photo:

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise with The Storyteller’s Abode. Thank you Louise!

Sally sat on the beach with Renaldo. Far off in the distance she could see the boat coming, the one that would he would soon be boarding. Closer, other boats stood moored with anchors. At the moment they sat abandoned, captain-less. Suddenly, as if on a signal people came from all directions boarding the various boats. The boat off in the distance wasn’t so distant anymore. Closer and closer it came as more and more people arrived filling up the beach, filling up the water.

“That’s my cue” Renaldo said.
Sally nodded sadly. “Will I ever see you again” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“No my love, I fear not”. Renaldo replied confirming her fears. “I will never forget you. I only ask that should you ever find someone to love you love them as you did me these past years, with your whole heart.”

With that he was gone.

Friday Fictioneers – Debilitating Fear

Photo Credit: Rochelle Wisoff Fields

Suzzanne came to feeling disoriented. She had no idea how long she had been out for. The first thing she became aware of was the fact that she was pinned and couldn’t move. Fear set it almost immediately.

Claustrophobia was a very real problem for Suzzanne, almost debilitating.  A scream welled up in her throat, escaping. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, she could see a body appear at the passenger side door.

“It’s ok, Suzzanne, you’re gonna be ok” the voice attached to the body said, “Just try to stay calm”… “That’s it nice deep breaths”

I concentrated my story on the car itself, not so much on the surrounding parts of the picture.

It Can Ruin Your Life

“Why not”?? Sally thought as she picked up the old dancing shoes she had found in the cedar chest, along with a stack of books, “What could it hurt to try them on?”

Carefully, she tied the ribbons around her ankles. Once, twice, a third time she twirled. For a brief moment, feeling free.

“What are you doing”!?!

Sally turned to find her mother standing in the doorway.

“Why don’t you like me to dance, mamma?”

“I don’t want it to ruin your life the way it did mine but I suppose I have been a bit unfair to you.”

Inspired by the following photo:

Photo Credit: Magaly Guerrero

Friday Fictioneers is hosted, weekly, by Rochelle Wisoff

A Monster

This is my story for Rochelle’s Friday Fiction.  Photo Credit for this week’s photo goes to J Hardy Carroll.  (Unfortunately, I am not able to save or copy the picture but if you go to the above link you will be able to see it.)

“Who’s out there?” An angry voice growled, “I thought I told you hooligans to leave.”

“Please sir, I’m sorry.” A small voice trembled. “I was trying to get my kite back.”“A likely story. You probably thought you could sneak a peak at a monster, like the other hooligans.”

“No sir, I’m sure you are no monster. You’d sound nice if you weren’t so gruff.”

“That is kind of you to say but I’m sure you wouldn’t be if you could see me.”

“Perhaps if I could…”

A burn-scarred face peeked out.

The girl gasped, then bravely approached the older man.